Pigment and Dye

Diverse sources and categories, our colorants portfolio can meet the varying performance needs of customers in many applications and industries such as coating, construction, printing ink, agriculture, MDF, food and beverage... Having high standards in manufacturing from the world's leading color suppliers, our materials have extremely high stability, perfect fastness, compatible with a wide range of production systems.

Furthermore, with a variety of types, paste and powder, solvent-based and water-based, common and special effect, high hiding power, and transparent... We believe we can provide a suitable solution for you to make a world of color.

Pigment and Dye categories:

  • Dyestuff: Orasol
  • Effect pigments: Mearlin, Mearlite, Metasheen, Magnapearl, Paliocrom, Lumina
  • Fluorescents
  • Hybrid: Paliotan
  • Inorganic pigments: Sicotan, Sicopal, Sicotrans
  • Organic pigments: Heliogen, Paliotol, Paliogen, Irgazin, Irgalite, Cromophtal, Cinquasia
  • Pigment preparations: Xfast, Microlith, Luconyl, Luconyl NG, Dispers, Sicoflush
  • Titanium Dioxide - TiO2
    • Chloride process
    • Sulfate process

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